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Simple chat application using NodeJS and Socket.IO

Before we start creating a chat application with NodeJS, I'll just give you a brief idea of what NodeJS and Socket.IO is and what is does.

What is NodeJS ? NodeJS is a platform built for fast, scalable network applications. It is also used for creating real-time applications that interact with data related tasks.

Losing precision after multiplication in SQL Server

Yesterday I was doing a little multiplication operation in SQL SERVER. The computation involves multiplication of two decimal numbers. A point to note here is that I've to be very careful while performing the calculations because it's a monetary thing. So, Whatever the calculation made, it must be very accurate such that I shouldn't miss any fractions as it costs in MILLIONS. The scenario is that I've two numbers, after multiplying each other I'm losing the precision of the values. I've tried to check my database for any faulty data that caused the issue. But the data is absolutely fine.

Tips to avoid laziness

Most programmer's get bored at their work. Why ? Is it because they do less work ? Or is it because they feel so ? Well the reasons will be many but at work it might be due to the project that they are working on. Most of the BDE's will find the maintainence project as they offer more billing for years and years.

Iterators in C#

Have you used yield keyword with c# any time ? I also never used Yield keyword prior to this article. The only thing that drove me to write this article is that Yield uses state machine while doing things.

I've some knowledge about state machines concept, which I've studied in my graduation course. But never saw something that uses state machines in practical.

Though yield offers a nice mechanism to preserve the state and offer a deferred execution, it is used less in the daily programming basis. But still it's good to know what this yield does.

How to logout from facebook messenger ?

Are you uninstalling Facebook messenger each time you want to login with another account? LOL, in fact I’m doing the same since I’ve installed the new messenger.



In this blog i'll try to post some jQuery, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC sort of stuff. Actually I'm an ASP.NET developer.