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Tips to avoid laziness

Most programmer's get bored at their work. Why ? Is it because they do less work ? Or is it because they feel so ?
Well the reasons will be many but at work it might be due to the project that they are working on. Most of the BDE's will find the maintainence project as they offer more billing for years and years.
At the beginning of any project, a programmer will find the work to be intresting in any project. But doing the same task time and again makes programmer LAZY. This is a reason why some of the programmers hit with laziness. If he is lazy, he cannot learn much of the concepts apart from the current work.
I do understand that most projects in the software companies are maintenance projects. I don't stop you to do your day job, but concentrate on your career growth as well. I'm passionate, Aren't you ?
Tips to avoid laziness:
1. Pinch other languages: If you are only doing C# programming or any one programming over years and years also try other languages like Ruby, Phython, Javascript, ExtJS, Node JS, Angular JS etc. This makes you find some intresting concepts in other languages.
2. Avoid google: Most programmers use google to write their logic. Please avoid searching for solutions in any websites for this matter not just google. Try building your own logic, you can find your own bugs and fixes for them. My best suggestion is to do a little bit of coding on you own if you can find some free time that you can spend on writing code.
3. Participate in forums: There are huge number of sites that require developers to answer questions. One of the best site for Q & A is Create an account and try solving the questions that users posts. This also helps you to create some logic that can easily solve the problem. This is not only for solving problems in stackoverflow site but also helps to solve the problems that you may face in the near future.
4. Axe your ego: Yes, throw your useless ego away. If you have a question like "Why should I do this ?", erase that question. It's about learning and let the other learn from you. Don't let your careers fall in pit. Be passionate !
5. Create something: Try creating some tea time project with some new technologies. So that you'll have exposure on database, coding and on bugs. Also creating a sample project may be difficult.
Well you might have heard a quote in The Dark Knight movie. The joker has his quote
If you're good at something, never do it for free. Joker
Well you can earn your pot by contributing to the Open source community.
  • Bountysource: Bountysource site has "Find Bounties" link on it. Have a look at the open source projects posted and try to solve the bounties and get rewarded.
  • Gittip: Gittip is a weekly gift exchange. You can give and take money by contributing to the community.
It's up to you to enjoy your passion in programming or enjoy the salary or enjoy both . I'll just suggest that's it.
If you find any other points to consider, please post it as comment.


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