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How to logout from facebook messenger ?

Are you uninstalling Facebook messenger each time you want to login with another account? LOL, in fact I’m doing the same since I’ve installed the new messenger.

Facebook has not incorporated Log-out button in its messenger app. I’ve been searching for Log-out button in their messenger and scratching my head to logout from messenger. I've searched in settings but couldn't find what I was looking for. The only possible way for me is to switch the chat on/off by tapping a simple button provided in the app, which makes me invisible to my pals.

Ah. Here is the solution anyways.

Note: This solution is only for Android devices. I'm sorry about the others.  


1.       Navigate to Menu > Settings page > Applications manager.

2.       Now you should see all the apps installed on your phone. You should find Messenger if you’ve installed one. Tap on the Messenger

3.       Now you should see some info about the app. Tap on “Clear data” (1), which should also clear the cache for the Messenger. If not, tap on “Clear cache”(2), which clears cache data for the Messenger app.

4.       Thats it! And you’re done!!! Now open your “Messenger” from your menu. You should see something like this which asks you to Continue with the current Facebook account.

5.       Wait. What have I said?

"… which asks you to Continue with the current Facebook account."
Before to this we've cleared cache and cleared data from the Messenger app. How this messenger remember my name?

Well If you’ve installed Facebook app on your phone then Facebook Messenger automatically connects with Facebook to show your name and prompts to continue. .
You can find another option in the above screen “Switch Account” to login to another facebook account with your credentials

6.       This worked for me! Hope it helps you guys too.

Cheers !!


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